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Many people call “Black Friday” and “Cyber Mondays” the most interesting sale of the year. And that’s true because Black Friday is a big fair where thousands of commodities are available. And with excellent discounts, which can sometimes reach up to 70%. The good thing is that we no longer have to sleep on the stairs in front of the doors of a big MALL to be among the first buyers. Because it has everything for everyone and online.

However, you should know that there are unscrupulous sellers who inflate the price before the fair and then give the big discount. Unfortunately, there are many such vendors everywhere, but if you have the patience to look for, you can buy something you need to really reduce, and it’s a sensible price.

Sell-off secrets

For users who have not yet headed to the promotion jungle, it’s a good idea to recall one of the sell-off secrets.
Stores advertise various promotions and sell because they know that once the customer enters the store and is in the mood to shop, he usually takes a lot of goods out of his original list.
It is often the case that you go for a TV promotion but also get home with a new CD of a famous performer, a new electric appliance for the woman, a mother-of-pearl skillet and a new model of a cart with a remote for the child.
You will be deeply convinced that you have made the most profitable market.
Together with high turnover, impulsive purchases are the secret of how stores and customers are happy with Black Friday.

When does the sale begin?


Discovering auctions usually take place after Thanksgiving in America, which takes place on the last Thursday of November. The preparation for the Christmas holidays is also officially commenced. So, in 2017, sales will start on November 24th and will end on November 27th. Immediately after “Black Friday” starts “Cyber Monday” – from 27 November to 29 November.

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How do you know the real value of Black Friday rebates?

At this sale, almost all products have big discounts. But is this really true? How do you understand the true value of the discount and find out if it is true?

Some time ago, these were tricky questions, but now you can just install a browser extension. Using this extension is really convenient and useful. You will see the dynamics of the price change for the product you want and check the seller’s reliability before buying it.

What is important to keep in mind when shopping?

In 2017, marketing techniques developed very quickly, and many of the products of unfair and unreliable merchants or resellers may appear among the first to appear on the top pages of search engines and the best spots among advertisers.

Tip: The easiest way to get rid of intermediaries is to go to the original version of the site you are looking for.

This year’s Black Friday is an excellent occasion to turn your attention to other stores as well. This is a chance to buy great gifts for the New Year.

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