Many young people face the question of how to continue their education after graduation.
The dream of many young people for a prestigious university in Europe or the United States can become a reality thanks to student credit. Although a standard bank product, this type of loan has its peculiarities.

How can I continue my education?

There are different types of student credits that young people can continue their education. Before you download a loan for this purpose, you need to get acquainted with the specifics of student support programs. If you choose to withdraw a loan, you have two options – to apply for a state-guaranteed loan or to withdraw a student loan from a bank that offers products specifically tailored to the needs of young people. In this connection, Forbes publishes the following title:

‘Sugar Daddy’ Or Student Loan? Ad Campaign Sparks Outrage In Paris

A large, mobile advertising billboard on a trailer pulled by a car, drove by several Parisian universities this week offering to connect students with “sugar daddies” as a way to finance their studies.

It didn’t go unnoticed – hard to miss at 5-by-3 meters – and it wasn’t the first time. Vans with similar advertising, inviting financially-pressed students to pay for their studies by dating rich “daddies” or “mamas,” have roamed around other European universities, all of them courtesy of a dating website behind the campaign. Featuring a cuddling couple, the rolling Paris billboard offers “romantic passion and no student loans.”

Go out with a Sugar Daddy or a Sugar Mama,” it suggests.“Hey, students! Improve your lifestyle. Go out with a ‘sugar daddy’,” read another one spotted in Brussels in September. Click To Tweet

The Paris mayor’s office immediately ordered the billboard be confiscated and called for a ban on the controversial, Norwegian-based dating platform, accusing it of promoting prostitution. “Besides the public danger of such advertisements that can be seen by minors, this site is inciting violence against women,” a Paris government lawyer told AFP.  “Behind these golden images, young people can fall into. We want an investigation that could lead to prosecutions for procuring. “

The good news is that The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in cooperation with state agencies, has begun an enforcement campaign against student loan scammers. As of this writing, the FTC and state law enforcement agencies in 11 states and the District of Columbia have taken 36 total actions as a result of “Operation Game of Loans” (who says that government agencies have no sense of humor?).

Crackdown on Student Loan Scams

Scammers are successful because they do their research. They are adept at targeting borrowers who are in significant financial distress and have difficulty understanding and navigating the student aid system. These consumers are particularly vulnerable to a pitch that promises rapid debt relief, especially if the pitch appears to come from a legitimate agency.

Unfortunately, it’s just not that easy. Third party debt-relief companies can’t accelerate the process regardless of any fees that you pay, nor can they do anything for you with respect to your student loan that you can’t do for yourself for free.

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