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Payday Loan News

Be informed!
I know that today one of the most valuable things is the information. Because only thanks to it we can make an informed choice, and usually it is the right decision. From right decisions depend on our good results and successful development. So far I have been trying to be your good and informed friend to help you in the jungle, called the most general term – personal finance. I will continue to do it, so in order to be better informed and make the right decisions.

Positive development for the student loans

Even the new higher fees for studying in the UK have not stifled the interest of foreign applicants to acquiring higher education right there. An important role in this lies in the possibility that the study fee is covered by a student loan granted by the state, which...

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New rules for the payday loans

New payday loans rules. Despite the efforts of those in the payday lending industry against finalizing the new Payday loan rules The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has already issued them! More than a year has passed in which auto title and other small-dollar...

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