For most people, tying with credit is undoubtedly a big and important step, which is timidly and with little restlessness. Typically, the views on the withdrawal of a payday loan are negative and often advise us never do it, as if it were a life sentence rather than a financial aid. Does one need courage for credit? Do we really act unreasonably if we do it? Our answer is categorical: no! The desire to obtain credit is a pre-careful and carefully thought-out action. People who take advantage of it are responsible and reasonable. You want to make an elementary account in advance, ie. will you be able to smoothly discharge your obligations.

A responsible attitude, a monthly budget and a careful management of the money you have. Did you do all this? Have you found the right lender who has offered you the most convenient and good terms for you? If yes, courage, it makes no sense to miss you. Globally, an enormous amount of people take and rely on credit. There are still lenders and pawnshops that could drag you into a swamp of endless obligations. Their trap often falls on those who have had the courage to withdraw credit, and it was not supposed to. They were more than inappropriate borrowers, but they nevertheless had the courage to commit to borrowing. They knew it was not the best solution for them, but they had the courage to do so.

A new trick to attract customers has emerged

Payday loan firms offering customers up to £1,000 if they convince friends to lend cash with huge interest rates said But consumer watchdogs have blasted companies such as Amigo Loans and BrightHouse for the ‘unethical’ practice.

Lenders are offering customers cash to lure friends and family onto their books. High-interest firms such as Amigo Loans and BrightHouse have been blasted over the practice. Lenders are offering customers cash to lure friends and family onto their books. High-interest firms such as Amigo Loans and BrightHouse have been blasted over the practice. Consumer watchdogs say the incentives are “cynical”. Amigo customers can earn up to £1,000 if they get a friend to take out a £10,000 loan at an annual interest rate of 49.9 per cent. Rent-to-own retailer BrightHouse, with rates up to 99.9 per cent, offers £220 to introduce a pal. Doorstep lender Provident will pay clients £30 if a friend borrows £100 or more at 535 per cent, while Loans At Home hands over £20 at 433 per cent.

Martyn James, of complaints site, added: “We’ve serious concerns about the ethics. Click To Tweet
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