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profile elliot grahamovHello, I am Elliot Grahamov,
and this is my author blog where I will try to promote the best knowledge in the field of the common financial culture of the average person. I’m not a financial advisor. I got no investments, insurance, or mutual funds to promote you. The purpose of this website is to provide you with entirely unbiased financial guidance and to educate you about the crucial questions you need to know about your long-range financial future.

I do not know why the financial literacy of people is left entirely on their personal self-education, while other, far less important things are widely covered in primary and secondary education.

So year after year, schools “grow” people full of piles of knowledge without a simple idea how to cope with the world of money. So I thought it is time for someone like me to take up this tough job and educate people completely free of charge for the most important aspects of the finance.

Money is energy and I will teach you how to manage it to your advantage!


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